Thursday, December 18, 2008

All we are is all we are

Attempting free verse and using inspiration for a random generator:

The heat is leaving
The feeling is ebbing away
I see shades flicker above the rain

So many roads to choose from
To what end
I seek only shelter
And look for safe road signs
Benign and common landmarks
But lose the way talking to myself

I need go where no one knows
A long, long way from home
From the country of my comfort
Where I toil to make my way
We are all brilliant beneath this dreamscape

And the feeling will come again, wary, alive
This day shall flee, misty before the air
And I will seek the road back, wondering why



G. Coppard said...

Great reflection of life, how we think it is and will be, how it really is and will be. I enjoyed it very much, thank you.

Jim Pankey said...

I have many years of life behind me and who knows how few ahead; my heart was touched by the verse, and all I can say is, keep living life as if it were your hobby, and keep writing.